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What ANWARC Provides To Its Member Clubs

1.      Gives your club members a series of Open Breed shows (In 2009,

         ANWARC will have 10 shows.)


2.      Provides an opportunity to advertise in our newsletter,

         ANWARC showbills, and website premium spots and banners.


3.      Club receives $1.00 per exhibitor from their club show,

         provided they have workers (as stated in the Rule Book).


4.      Affords members who show their horses an opportunity to be eligible

         for Year-End Awards.  Up to 3 Year End Awards are offered for

         each class, based on participation. Our 2005 winners received

         $15,000.00  in awards!

         (ANWARC is the only organization in the area that allows Year-End

         Awards winners to choose their own awards.)


5.      Has a very lenient dress code in the Open Division, allowing beginning

         or novice riders a chance to show without spending a lot of money on

         clothes and equipment before they are ready (or can afford it).


6.      ANWARC pays ALL expenses for shows (arena rental for clubs that

         don't have their own arena, judges, ribbons, etc.)


7.      Provides limits on how much an exhibitor has to spend on entry fees.


8.      Provides classes for people who have never shown; juveniles and adults;

         and classes for the more experienced riders and horses.


9.      Shows are divided into two divisions, Open and Gaited, so there are

         classes for ALL breeds of horses (and mules).


10.    Open Division is divided into the following categories: Halter, Showman-

         ship, Miniature Horse classes, Leadline, English (both hunt seat and

         saddle seat), and Western. There is something for everyone's interests.

         (55 classes).


11.    Gaited Division is divided as follows: Foxtrotter, Walking Horse, Gaited

         Pleasure, Racking Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Paso Pleasure, Gaited

         Model, Leadline and Western. (35 classes).