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 Show season is almost here!  Lots of exciting news to report, too.  All items on both ballots passed, so we have new classes in both divisions this year.  Showbills are available to download from our website –

In the Open Division, we will now have an Advanced English Equitation class, where the riders switch horses halfway through the class.  This has been done as a Buy-A-Class the last couple of years, and it has been very successful, to say nothing of a LOT of FUN to watch!

There will also be a Ranch Horse Pleasure class.  This class is rail work only.  Ranch horse rules will apply, in that horses should not have their manes banded or braided, no tail enhancements, and preferably no hoof black.  See the full rules in the 2017 Rule Book, including attire specifications, soon to be available online.  Horses may cross enter Western Pleasure classes. 

The four classes previously labeled Open Walk Trot were really never properly named, so the name has been modified to Walk Trot ONLY.  This emphasizes the fact that riders who enter these classes cannot show in canter classes within the same discipline.  So a rider entering the English Walk Trot ONLY class, whether it be Pleasure or Equitation, can’t canter in English classes; BUT now they could canter in Western classes or vice versa.  Since discipline within the English category would refer to hunt seat, saddle seat or sidesaddle, a rider could conceivably show in the Walk Trot ONLY classes saddle seat and enter the English canter classes if riding hunt seat, for example.  (Previously, those who entered any of those classes could not canter in ANY class at that show.) 

We have added an additional canter class in both English and Western divisions in which Juvenile and Senior exhibitors will show together.  This answers the need for another canter class for exhibitors. 

Keep in mind we still offer the Buy-A-Class Option in both divisions.  Any class (except a jackpot) can be purchased for $25.00 per show.  One person can pay that fee or several can go together to split the cost to sponsor the class.  Then each exhibitor just pays the standard entry fee, like any other class.   Equipment and/or pattern, etc. must be supplied.  If a Buy-A-Class is offered in over half the shows of the season, it will be eligible for Year End awards with the same criteria as a regularly scheduled class. 

In the Gaited Division we have several new classes this year.  SIX classes are now payback classes, offering $25 for first, $15 for second, and $10 for third place.  One important change this year for the Gaited Pleasure Stake Class is that the payback will be RANDOM.  This will make the class more exciting, as any horse might win money! 

New classes in the Gaited Division will include Open Model, WH Weanlings, WH Yearlings, Show Pleasure WH (no tail braces), Trail Pleasure WH, Open WH with a canter, and ANWARC is sponsoring a special class in memory of our past ANWARC Vice President, Dave Baker, who passed away last year – the Dave Baker Memorial Trail Pleasure Keg Shod class.  Dave had begun purchasing this as a Buy-A-Class last year before he passed away and was passionate about the fact that it might bring in more exhibitors who might not show, otherwise.  The ANWARC Board felt that this was a fitting way to remember him.  

Versatility classes will consistently be Water Glass and Egg & Spoon.  No more guessing what to enter!  And since these are not considered performance classes, there is no DQP fee. 

We have affiliated with the Northwest Arkansas Horse Show Assn. (formerly Stock Horse Assn.) so that our Gaited exhibitors can qualify for the Arkansas State Championship Horse Show over Labor Day weekend.  If you would like to show at the state show, you will sign up for that at our August Gaited show.  Contact Jeanie Sims, NWAHSA President, for further info - or 479-640-0473. 

Our Gaited shows are also affiliated with the Heart of America Walking Horse Association in Missouri again -  Your points in many of the gaited classes at OUR shows will count for points with HAWHA if you are a member of HAWHA.  For further info, contact them at:  

Our first show is at the U of A Pauline Whitaker Arena in Fayetteville.  There are a limited number of stalls available for the day of the show (no overnight stabling) for $25.00 per stall, plus a separate check for $25.00 as a deposit.  Checks to be made out to University of Arkansas (two checks per stall, so one can be returned upon stall inspection as you leave).  You supply your own bedding – AND you strip the stall at the end of the day.  Failure to comply will result in your deposit being kept to cover the cost of the labor to clean the stall when you leave.  Preference will be given to out of town exhibitors.  Keep in mind that other livestock may also be in the barn – cattle and/or sheep.  Contact ME to reserve stalls at U of A – or 479-841-1135.  For those who DO require overnight stabling, please contact Kim Landa at Jasper Springs Ranch in Fayetteville – 479-790-9047. 

As always, we will be checking Coggins papers at every show.  Don’t leave home without them!  Dr. Tim O’Neill is running a special on Coggins papers, along with vaccinations, at Country Vet Clinic in Farmington during the entire month of March.  Call for details – 479-267-2685. 

Speaking of Coggins, there will be an EIA Verifier Class on Monday, March 27th, 7:00 p.m. at the U of A Pauline Whitaker Arena in Fayetteville, for those who would like to become certified to check Coggins papers.  As you know, we cannot put on our shows without having a Verifier to check Coggins papers.   And that job counts as registration hours!  The class is FREE – and you will become certified for one year.  At the end of the first year, you can pay $5.00 to become lifetime certified.  The class lasts between 1-2 hours, with an open “book” test that is super simple.  Let me know if you would like to attend, so that the instructor will have plenty of handouts to go around. 

Remember if you sponsored a class, it must be paid before your points will count, as does your membership in one of our member clubs.  Member clubs this year are ARAB, Friends of ANWARC, Gaited Horse Club, and UA Block & Bridle.  Applications are available to download from our ANWARC website under Member Clubs –  Please make our job easier in registration by paying your memberships BEFORE the first show, rather than AT the show – and mail your sponsor money to:  Cindy Pharr, Treasurer – P. O. Box 96, Lincoln, AR 72744. 

Keep in mind that in addition to the exhibitor, the OWNER must also be a member of ANWARC for points to count.  If the horse is co-owned, only the owner who is showing the horse needs a membership.  For exhibitors showing a horse that is not owned by a member of ANWARC, you must provide a copy of a lease agreement at the first show you attend in order to compete for awards. 

Workers – as in previous years, there is a four hour work requirement for those who wish to compete for Year End awards.  Half of those hours must be registration hours, which includes ring steward, EIA Verifier, and announcer, in addition to actually working at the registration table.  Basically ALL jobs except working the gate and handing out ribbons.  Sign up early – we need you! 

See you at the shows!  




Please submit a new ANWARC newsletter subscription form if any of your contact information has changed.  MOST of our news will be either posted to our website or distributed through your own club newsletters.  However, we do send out an occasional mailing as needed.  There is no charge for the subscription for the direct mailings, but it saves money for ANWARC if the newsletter is only sent to those who want or need the information.  Please include your e-mail address, if available, and print it CLEARLY!   





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